Our meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at the Wyndham Hotel in Albrook with special events held throughout the year.

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March 13

Our annual Scholarship Awards Dinner

Just some of our superb past speakers:

Former Second Vice President, Guillermo "Billy" Ford Boyd

US Ambassador William Eaton

US Ambassador Jonathan Farrar

Captain Miguel Rodriguez -- ACP

Captain Orlando Allard -- RTI Latin America

Hernan Arauz -- Naturalist

Richard Cahill -- Naturalist

Robert (Bobby) Eisenmann -, Jr.- co-founder La Prensa

Roberto Eisenmann III -- Museum of Human Rights and Freedom

Vernon Wilson, Founder, Vision of Hope

Briant Dominici -- Naturalist

Captain Peter Marotta -- ACP Dredge Captain

KC Hardin -- American Trade Hotel

Anne Wenzel, -- Mola Expert

Nicolás Liakópulos Falcon -- Coins of Panama

José Ramón Arango -- ACP LNG Segment Leader

Dr Stanley Heckadon-Moreno -- STRI

Rick Montanari -- Engineers Without Borders -- Panama

Her Majesty's Ambassador -- Hon. Richard Austen

Dr. Debbie Psychoyos -- Founder, PROED Panama Foundation

Matt Larsen, Director, STRI

Alexa Hancock, Fundación El Caño

Dr. Roberto Epifanio -- IVI Panama

Néstor Correa -- Asociación Panamericana para la Conservación